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E P Patrick & Associates, Inc.
  • E P Patrick & Associates, Inc.

    Mechanical Engineer, PE, FASM

  • E P Patrick & Associates, Inc.

    50 Years of Experience in Aluminum Design, Product, and Manufacturing Process Development

  • E P Patrick & Associates, Inc.

    Patents - 19 U.S. Patents

Experience Areas

  • Joining Expertise

  • Failure Analysis

  • Staff Training

  • Legal Expert Witness

Product and Process Development References

Automotive Applications

  • Heat Exchangers - Brazing

  • Resistance Spot Welding

  • Monocoque and Space frame Design and Assembly

  • Hang-ons, Doors, Hoods, and Deck Lids

Manufacturing Process Development

  • Joining - Fusion Welding, Brazing, RSW, Bonding, etc.

  • Metal Forming - Stamping, Bending, Machining, etc.

  • Thermal Spray Processes

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Rapid Tooling

  • Rapid Transit Power Rail Patent

Aluminum Brazing Consulting

Aluminum heat exchangers and complex assemblies are commonly manufactured by brazing. Informed material and process choices are keys to success. Assistance from the initial design phase, material selection, brazing process choices, and, ultimately, troubleshooting manufacturing and in-service problems are our specialties.

At E.P. Patrick & Associates, we offer aluminum brazing consulting for projects of all sizes so that you can get the job done right the first time.

What We Offer

We can help you in all the areas of aluminum brazing, and here are some specifics:

  • Staff training to complement their brazing knowledge and enable self-sufficiency in troubleshooting production and in-service problems

  • Part design assistance to enhance manufacturability and cost-effectiveness

  • Alloy and brazing material selection to match design objectives

  • Brazing process selection to meet design geometry and in-service requirements

  • Final part testing and quality assurance guidance

  • Metallographic part and RGA process analysis (vacuum brazing) services

If your aluminum vacuum brazed joints look like this


100X Mag. Keller’s Etch- Alloys 6061/4047

or this


100X Mag. Weck’s Reagent Alloys 6061/4047

And you would prefer this


100X Mag. Keller’s Etch-Alloys6061/4047

or this


100X Mag. Weck’s Reagent Alloys 6061/4047

Then we can help you.

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How We Serve

Our consultants have over 100 years combined experience with aluminum design and process development. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your brazing the best it can be. Our team is friendly and helpful, with a motivation to always help our clients succeed.

So when you need help with your next aluminum brazing project, contact the aluminum brazing consultants at E.P. Patrick & Associates for aluminum brazing consulting you can trust. You can reach us at (412) 855-9936.

Recent Projects

  • Vacuum Brazing Trouble Shooting

  • Exoskeleton Robot Part Consolidation

  • Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle Ballistic Grille

  • Satellite Fuel Tank Fabrication

  • Customized Staff Training – Joining, Metal Forming, Finishing

  • Auto Mold Tooling Repair Process Development

  • Rapid Transit Power Rail Development